Frequently Asked Questions

Our luggage storage facilities are open 365 days a year. The opening hours of each luggage storage facility can be found on-site and posted on each luggage storage facility's dedicated page on  If you need our service during non-opening hours please write to and we will do our best to help you if possible.

There are two quick and easy options:
-Book on-line: choose the storage facility and rental details, pay by credit card or PayPal, and receive an e-mail confirmation with the locker number and the code to open it.  Keep the code! You'll need it to open your locker.
 In case of on-line purchase, the date and time of locker rental start and end must be chosen.
-Book directly at the storage facility: use the touch-screen, select the rental details and pay by credit card. The system will issue a ticket with the locker number and the code to open it.  
IMPORTANT: Enter your e-mail when booking and within 10 minutes you will also receive an e-mail confirmation with the locker number and the code to open it.
N.B. In case of on-site purchase only the first hour of rental will be paid in advance. Any additional rental hours must be paid when the locker is reopened.
At the end of each hour or day's rental already paid for (online or on-site) the entire next hour or day's rental will be charged.

-On line you can reserve up to 5 lockers at one time, if you need more lockers you can make a second reservation. 
-At the storage facility, however, you can only reserve one locker at a time.

Follow the directions on the touch screen and when prompted enter the 6-digit code to open the locker and collect your luggage. You can find it on the ticket or in the booking confirmation email.

The rental duration depends on how you book:

  • Online: 1 hour to 30 days.
  • At the storage facility: 1 hour to 4 days (96 hours).

To simplify payment, we have chosen to have you pay by credit card without PIN insertion. PIN-less spending limits vary by card. For safety, we opted for a 4-day limit. 
For rentals up to 30 days, book online. For rentals longer than 30 days, email

You will receive the code to open the locker via email, so you can open your locker without any problems evenhe if you lose your receipt.

If you are late, you will pay a surcharge for the excess hours. If you arrive after closing, pick up your luggage the next day. You will pay the excess hourly or daily charge without penalty. Be on time to avoid problems!

Reservations are not refundable or changeable.

Of course!

  • Re-opening is free of charge during the first 15 minutes of rental.
  • The cost after the first 15 minutes of rental is €0.50/reopening. 
  • At each reopening, you can decide whether to continue or end the rental.

  • Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit cards (online and at the storage facility.
  • PayPal (online only).

American Express not accepted.

Our storage facilities are guarded 24 hours a day by a video surveillance system 
In order to guarantee you maximum security, we have chosen to insure with primary Italian company, belonging to one of the world's leading insurance groups, your luggage, which is therefore also protected by insurance against theft and damage for a total value of € 500 for each rented box. The insurance coverage is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE and guarantees each of your luggage.