Locker Dimensions
85 × 61 × 50cm
(33,5 x 24 x 19,7in) circa

Holds up to four bags measuring
55 × 40 × 20cm (21.70 x 15.80 x 7.90in)
e.g. 4 cabin trolleys

Luggage Storage Ponte Vecchio

Hourly rate 2,50 €
Daily rate (24 hours) 15,00 €
Locker reopening
before the end of the rental
0,50 €
(only for reservations at the luggage storage)

N.B. At the end of each rental hour/day the entire next rental hour/day will be charged.

REMEMBER Close the locker when you are finished using it.
If you leave the locker open, €15.00 will be charged to your card

Do not leave in the locker:
- identity documents or anything else that is necessary for the trip
- objects prohibited by the Terms and Conditions of Use